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Changing WordPress Title Formats

I fixed the title formats on here today.  Not especially noteworthy, but I wanted to make a small post about it for my own reference.

So, the change I wanted to make was to make John-AM.com appear after the post title.  In this theme’s header.php, there is a line like this:

<title><?php bloginfo('name'); ?><?php wp_title(); ?></title>

I swapped the postition of wp_title and bloginfo(‘name’), but then I had the separator (») at the beginning of the title.  Well, it turns out wp_title will take whatever you put into it, and append it to the title.  If nothing is passed, it automatically uses ».  So I changed that, and you can choose the location where it is appended.  So, here is mine:

<?php wp_title(' | ',true,'right'); ?>

Which puts a nice | between the title name and my blog name, which is now after the post name.

So much to do!

Alright, WordPress is set up and good to go. Now to get a theme put together, and write up some content for this page!  I’m really looking forward to posting my bits of coding and troubleshooting experience here. It’ll be a great archive, and maybe it’ll help other people out too!