Monthly Archives: December 2010

New sub-site: Dropbox Portal

I’ve added a Dropbox Portal to the website, so if you need to send me a file (and have the password) you can send it via this address:

And it will be sent to any device I own with Dropbox installed. Fortunately, that’s a lot of devices.  I originally saw this on LifeHacker, and when I decided to add it the other day I saw the original author had added password protection.  So I took his password protection and added it into the existing design at addictivetips. Giving you the result you see now.

The address will always be available in the links section, so get in touch with me for the password and send me some files!

I have my CCENT!

I received my CCENT certificate in the mail today!  I was so thankful to pass the test, I’m looking forward to studying for the CCNA after New Year’s.


I’m taking my time on getting everything posted, but I recently took a trip to North Carolina where I got to tour Microsoft!  I have a few neat pictures from there =D  And I completed the laser I mentioned in this post as well, I’ll post pictures of that as well.