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Halo Stats 0.7.7 submitted to Palm.

The new version of Halo Stats has been submitted to Palm. It corrects an error with K/D ratios, and hopefully resolves and issue where the text box wouldn’t appear on WebOS 2.1.0 devices.

UPDATE: I made an error in submitting the program, for right now the update is only available to webOS 2.0+ devices. This is being corrected and the updated application should be available on 1.4.5+ devices soon.

Regarding Halo Stats application reviews

Several of the reviews in Palm’s catalog commented on the lack of challenge progress, and that the Spartan images don’t appear correctly.  I don’t want to write a review just to comment to those people, so I did the next best thing by posting here.

Spartan images are controlled by Bungie, Halo Stats does not manipulate them in any way.  Until Bungie begins updating the images, the changes will not be reflected in Halo Stats.  In that same vein, Bungie does not (currently) provide challenge progress information in their API.  If it becomes available, it will be implemented.

Other than that, the reviews have been great so far!  The other recurring comment is regarding K/D ratios and commendations.  The code for that information is being written, and an update should be available soon.

Halo Stats

I haven’t had time to post about this, as I’ve been out of town, and otherwise busy.  But Halo Stats is now available in the Palm Application Catalog!  The latest update for it was pushed out yesterday as well, adding daily / weekly challenges and some extra player information.

Halo Stats has already received 40 reviews (almost all positive) and surpassed Quick Subnets in downloads.  The next update will have commendation information and a new interface, some of which is already written into the current version (0.5.4).  Also, Win/Loss ratios will be implemented, as it’s one of the top requests in reviews.

Expect the update sometime next week!  And thanks everyone who is downloading it!