Monthly Archives: August 2010

QuakeCon and Upcoming Projects!

Just got back from QuakeCon a few days ago.  It was a great time!  I loved seeing everyone again, and I learned about a few new games while I was there.  I had the chance to play Brink, which is a re-working of Team Fortress.  It’s a neat game, but I’m not the right market.  I saw several people playing Minecraft there also.  That game really grabbed me, it’s a simple crafting / sandbox game, but it seems to have so much potential.

The plan was to go to the Id Software keynote speech, or at least the Rage demo; but volunteering at the tech desk kept me from doing so.  Hopefully next year I’ll be able to see the presentations, it’s one of the few events I can see first hand in the gaming world.

I’m working out which project I’ll post next on here.  I have a few queued up: Create a template for this website, working on another Palm Pre application (once I think of one) and posting things from my CCNA studying, to name a few.  I also have some windows server / domain work I’ll post once I start working on it.  That will probably be early next year.

One other thing, Google analytics was showing a spike of visitors to my page regarding Google Chart types.  Glad to see that it’s useful!

Quick Subnets now in Palm’s App Catalog!

Quick Subnets has been accepted by Palm!  My page for it is available in the link or in the above menu.  Otherwise you can view Palm’s page for it, where it gives you options to send it to your phone or post it to Twitter / Facebook.

Also, there have been over 700 downloads since it was accepted on 7/28/10.  I hope everyone is finding it useful!  Please send any comments / issues to