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Macbook Air!

Since I could only get the Hackintosh on my Laptop half-working (and that’s after a fully failed attempt on the Desktop) I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the real deal:

Macbook Air

While this will be filling the role of my “netbook” from this point on, its real purpose is to help me become familiar with OSX.  I’ve been talking to a lot of friends for application recommendations, along with reading Lifehacker’s recommended apps.

Also, the reason for this purchase is because of some things that have happened to the Netbook, I’ll post more about that later though.  Until then!

Lockup when using Nawcom’s Mod CD / Empire EFI / iBoot

I’m in the process of making my machine dual boot Windows 7 and OSX.  I was having some trouble getting the Nawcom Mod CD to do anything other than freeze.  Pressing F5 crashes the installer, as does selecting a device to boot from.   This is an issue stemming from the Empire EFI swap CD they’re working from, as several variations were showing the same behavior.

The disc started working normally once I disabled two extra JMicron SATA controllers integrated into my motherboard, as well as my unused IDE controller.  I’m guessing that there is a driver missing from the boot CD that makes it unable to handle those JMicron controllers.  I haven’t had the chance to cycle through each one to see if a specifc one is causing it, or if it’s just the IDE or just the JMicrons.

In any case, if someone else has this issue hopefully they will stumble across this post.  Now to figure out why I’m getting a Kernel Panic before I even see the install screen…